The 5 best websites for free trap samples – 2021

Tired of having to spend hours looking for fire free samples? Here’s the 5 best websites for free trap samples. Check out this list!

This is the 1 million dollar question… Where can I consistently find high quality free trap /rap/rnb/pop samples for my beats?

Everyone knows about looperman, cymatics, thekitplug. They all have their pros and cons.

Looperman for example has an immense amount of loops and samples available, but because so many people have the possibility to upload on it, sometimes it becomes really hard to find high quality stuff

You might spend hours searching for something good.

Today, I wanna share all the sauce with you 🔥🔥

5 websites where you can find high quality FREE SAMPLES

Ready? Let’s go!


“This is a hidden gem of the internet” (Dj Pain)

Yes…. if you’re costantly searching for high quality samples whether you make trap music, pop music or rnb this very website might be what you’re looking for 🔥🔥


Over the past year I uploaded over 700 free samples on my website, ranging from trap to pop guitars and rnb.

New content gets uploaded every single week and I make sure that every kit that I make is top quality.

In the last year, over 40 thousand producers have downloaded my free kits!

Through my youtube channel “paulfixloopkits” I was able to create a beautiful community of people that share the same passion and the same dreams.

Many people ask me why do I share all of my kits for free. The answer is simple

The fact that so many producers and artists were able to further their music career thanks to my loops repays me for all the hard work and dedication that I put in my kits 👏👏

Navigating is super easy.

If you’re looking for a specific type of loop kit, you can sort them by genre.

On my website you can find:

Trap: (hard samples in the style of cubeatz, gunna, roddy ricch, Lil baby)

Pop/Guitar: (melodic samples in the style of Juice Wrld, Iann Dior, The Kid Laroii and pop/indie pop type samples)

Rnb and ambient: (rnb and ambient type samples)

Melodic Dancehall: (melodic dancehall type samples in the style of lil tecca, lil mosey)

All the kits on my website are produced by me 👋

I’m 100% confident of the fact that you won’t be disappointed by my kits 💯👏

All of this being said… let’s move on with the list!!

We still have 4 more amazing websites to check out.


Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities

I know what you’re thinking right now….


Let me explain why I believe discord is one of the most underrated platforms out there when it comes to loops and samples.

There a lot of famous producers/producer groups that have a discord channel:

Internet money



Ed Talenti

These are just a few names of producer/Producer groups that have a discord channel, and all of them have a section where people can upload their loops.

The quality of the loops that you will find in these discord channels is INSANE.

Discord of internet money’s producer Cxdy

Here’s a list of the most fire discord channels for loops and samples.

Before downloading and using the loops, make sure to contact the creator and ASK HIM FOR PERMISSION!!


Ed Talenti:


Simon Servida:

These are my go to discord channels when it comes to loops and samples 🔥🔥

3) Youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine behind google

I started uploading my free loop kits on youtube in 2018.

Back then there were very few people who used to do it, even fewer were the ones that were doing it consistently week after week.

Things have definitely changed now.

The amount of free loop kits that get released nowadays is insane. There are thousands of producers who are dropping kits for free on their youtube channels and a lot of those kits are pure gems

Here’s my list of what I believe are the best youtube channels for loops and samples in 2021:

1 – Producer Dojo

Producer dojo is a youtube channel that reposts royalty free loops.

He makes sure to select de creme de la creme of the best royalty free loops online.

You can find thousands of fire loops on this channel alone.

2 – Noir 1070

When noir1070 drops a sample pack, it feels like Christmas for the producers who follows him.

The quality of his free kits is simply unmatched, he’s a beast.

Noir1070 is currently signed to Internet Money, the most famous and respected producers collective of the world… And if you listen to his loops you quickly understand why.

Unfortunately he’s not very active on his YT channel, but every time he uploads a free kit he makes up for the absence.

3 – Dnx

Dnx is a producer collective found by NY producer Peejay.

Their free collective kits are filled with absolute bangers. The versatility of their members is definitely their biggest strenght, their free kits range from hyper pop to dark gunna/cubeatz type melodies.

Their collective youtube channel at the moment is not very active, but you can find a lot dope materials in the individual channels of each member (“channels” section of the dnx youtube channel)

I guarantee you you won’t regret checking them out


Revibed is a producer collective/record label that producer records for artists like: Lil uzi vert, nba youngboy, Lil skies, Young Thug.

Their youtube channel is a gold mine of free loops and samples


Last but not least 😅



Instagram is one the most popular social media platforms with more than 1 billion users around the world

Just like you can find thousands of free kits on youtube you can do the same thing on instagram.


Search for hashtags like #freeloopkit #freeloops by using the search bar to find dozens of new kit every day.

Remember that some free loop kits might not be royalty free, so make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the kit in order to comply with the creators terms.


Looperman is a website that allows you to download thousands of royalty-free samples for free

As I wrote in the beginning of this blog pretty much everyone in the producer community knows about looperman.

So I’m just going to post the list of users that I believe make the best loops and samples and that you must check out at least once in a while.

– itsrighter

– nofuk














I’m sure there are many more names that should be on this list, but these are my personal favourites 🔥

So… here’s the list of what I believe are the 5 best websites to find dope free loops and samples in 2021.

Did I miss someting? Let me know in the comments below!