The 10 Best Free Guitar Vst Plugin (2021)

What are the 10 best free guitar vst plugin in 2021? Let’s find out

You wanna make guitar melodies but you don’t know how to play guitar?

Finding realistic sounding guitar vsts is really hard… This list will save you time and money!!

Let’s find out the 10 best free guitar vst plugins


This is a really high quality acoustic guitar sound.

There are plenty of producers that make amazing and realistic guitar melodies with just this vst alone

Ample guitar M Lite III has a very bright tone, so it works really well for pop melodies.

You can download ample guitar M Lite III for free (along with other free ample vsts) here


2) Spitfire Peel Guitar

Spitfire’s Peel Guitar is by far my favourite free electric guitar sound.

The realism of the sound is insane, for the cost of nothing you will get as close as you can possibly get to the sound of a real guitar.

In order to get Peel Guitar you need to install Spitfire Lab.

Follow the instructions on their website here in order to install Spitfire labs and their free libraries :

Install Spitfire lab’s and then add the Peel guitar library

3) DSK Dynamic Guitars

DSK Dynamic guitars is a hell of a vst!!

With one free vst you get 3 phenomenal guitar sounds

  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Steel Guitar
  • Nylon Guitar

Each sound has it’s tone, experiment with this free vst to find the one that suits your style better

You can download DSK Dynamic guitar here:

DSK Dynamic Guitar


Haunted Guitar Lite is a Free VST/VST3/AU instrument created with a multi-sampled Fender Stratocaster Plus Deluxe Electric Guitar, each preset contains 28 samples processed with various high quality effects to achieve dark and spooky guitar sounds.


  • 8 Presets
  • 224 Samples
  • ADSR
  • HP / LP Filter
  • LFO Modulation
  • Filter type selector
  • Voice mode
  • Creepy GUI

If you’re looking for a dark electric guitar sound, Haunted guitar is the perfect choice!

You can download haunted guitar lite for free here

Haunted Guitar Lite


Classic guitar lite is a spanish guitar vst

Classic.Gtr Lite is a free multi-sampled classical guitar plugin for Windows and Mac available in VST/VST3/AU formats.

The original samples were recorded from a basic spanish guitar and later processed with various effects. Each preset contains 43 samples. In this free version you have 7 presets selected from the full Classic.GTr version, which contains 38 presets [1634 samples]

You can download Classic Guitar Lite from this link:

Classic Guitar Lite

6) Spitfire Moon Guitar

Moon Guitar is another Spitfire Lab’s free library.

This library reproduces the beautiful sound of the chinese Moon Guitar.

It features solo, ensemble and tremolo patches, adding texture and beauty to your music.

In order to install the “Moon guitar” library you need the free Spitifre Labs vst

Follow the instructions on their website here in order to install Spitfire labs and their free libraries :

7) Cute Emily Guitar

Cute Emily Guitar is a sampled electric guitar.

This is an Epiphone SG type electric guitar sampled by Karoryfer. As it was recorded dry, use a guitar amp sim after this plug-in.

It doesn’t sound realistic as it is, but if you some effects (reverb, delay etc.) you will get a pretty good electric guitar sound.

You can download Emily guitar from this link:

Emily Guitar

8) Spicy Guitar VST Plugin

Spicy Guitar is physically modelled acoustic guitar synthesizer instrument.

Spicy Guitar is an easy-to-use acoustic guitar simulation software. Light and powerful, it enables you to generate realistic guitar parts as well as original string-based sounds. Its simple playing mode lets you play rhythms, arpeggios and solo parts easily. Spicy Guitar has also extensive MIDI learn and automation features.

Spicy Guitar Features

  • 9 guitars, 2 types of strings.
  • Physical based sound design.
  • Astonishing expressivity.
  • Easy-to-use strumming engine.
  • Many types of chords, 2 positions.
  • 5 guitarist playing techniques.
  • Only 10 MB.

Download Spicy Guitar from this link

Spicy Guitar

9) Kontakt Player

You will find plenty of fire free guitar libraries for Kontakt.

In order to install kontakt libraries, first you need the free kontakt player

You can download the free kontakt player here:

Kontakt Player

And here you can find some free guitar libraries for kontakt

Guitar Libraries

10) Paul Fix – One Shot Kit

Last but not least!

This is not a vst or a plugin, but in this one shot kit that I made you will find plenty of realistic guitar sounds that you can use in your melodies.

In order to make this kit I used several real instruments (especially guitars) and I manipulated each sample with Virtual Analog plugins in order to obtain a warmer and fuller sound.

You can download Kontakt One Shot Kit for free from my website from this link:

Paul Fix – Kontakt One Shot Kit

This is the list of the 10 best free guitar vst.

What are your favourite ones? Let me know in the comment!